Experience a taste of true Italian tradition, which is reflected in everything that we do. All of our Italian recipes (from our Antipasti and Insalatas, to our Panuozzi and Calzoni, and of course our award winning, certified Neapolitan Pizza) include only the finest ingredients that are carefully selected, prepared and served fresh, in our open Italian kitchen.

Testa ... The Family

For owner, Rod Schaefer, Pizzeria Testa is much more than the name of his restaurant. It’s a tribute to his family. Rod’s mother was born a Testa, and his beloved grandparents served at the helm of this large, traditional Italian family that gathered often around the kitchen table for delicious home-cooked meals and hearty conversation. Whether it was friends or relatives, the Testa house was always buzzing with life, full of people and food. It’s warm memories like these that provide the inspiration behind our name and serve as the model for everything we do.

As it turns out, the Testa family has a much bigger connection to pizza than Rod could have imagined. When the plans for Pizzeria Testa were first developing, there was only one place to do research – Naples, the birthplace of pizza. And it was here that the most unexpected “coincidence” was discovered...

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