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At Pizzeria Testa, there is a reason to everything we do. Here are some of the fun facts and interesting tidbits about all that goes into your experience with us.


Our recipes include only the finest ingredients that are carefully selected, prepared and served fresh, in our open Italian kitchen.


A Taste of Tradition

Fresh, light and pure, our true Italian recipes bring a few simple ingredients together in a way that’s both satisfying and full of flavor. Prepared and served in a time-honored tradition, you’ll experience a wide range of flavors and textures in this delectable collision of where food meets art.

Our Neapolitan Pizza: The Foundation For Tradition

Tipo 00 Flour
Imported from Naples, a silky smooth, extra-fine flour that produces the famously light and soft crust familiar to all Neapolitans.

San Marzano Tomatoes
Grown in only one place on earth – the rich volcanic soil in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius. Picked at their peak ripeness, they are less acidic and exhibit a natural sweetness that caramelizes in the intense heat of the wood-fired oven.

Only mozzarella di buffala (water buffalo milk mozzarella) from the Campania region just outside of Naples or fresh fior di latte is permitted.

We’ve invested in a state-of-the-art reverse-osmosis system that removes impurities but also reintroduces natural minerals necessary for key flavors to adhere.

Only natural, fresh yeast is permitted.

Oven Baked Sausage
Our own sausage recipes (both mild and spicy) are made fresh and cooked right next to the wood fire.

Fresh Oven Roasted Vegetables
We have a high standard for our vegetables and only the best will do. All of our vegetables are prepared fresh daily and roasted with Italian extra virgin olive oil in our wood-fired oven.

FunFacts_roastedveggies Roasting vegetables in the morning.


Wood-Oven Baked Bread
In the morning, when the oven is cooled to 350 to 400°, we bake our bread directly on the stone floor.

Fresh Herbs
We hand pick fresh herbs from the herb gardens that surround our patios, giving you flavorful and aromatic herbs for an extra depth to your food.


Traditional Meats
We hand select our meats primarily from different regions in Italy.

Our wines all come from boutique wineries in Italy. We tasted 100s of wines so that we could find the select few that would allow you to enjoy a great wine, that pairs well with the food, at reasonable price.

FunFacts_tiramasu Tiramasu with espresso dipped ladyfingers.

From the Homemade Cannolis, to the Italian Ladyfingers dipped in Espresso for the Tiramasu, to the Nutella Panuozzi with Fresh Strawberries and Powdered Sugar, all of our desserts are hand-crafted from traditional Italian recipes.


Wood-Fire Oven
Bona fide Neapolitan pizza ovens must be completely wood-fired and bell-shaped, with the floor constructed of stone that’s at least five inches thick. The pizza must be cooked directly on the surface of the oven floor, not in any pan or container.

Twin 7,000 lb. ovens handmade in Italy by Stefano Ferrara are the centerpiece of our food preparation and atmosphere. As the fire dances inside the mouth of the oven, watch as your meal is prepared in full-view.

In just 60 to 90 seconds at 1,000° the flame-blackened blisters on the cornicione (crust) signal to the ever-watchful pizzaiolo that his masterpiece is done. It emerges from the oven light, soft and fragrant, ready to eat – with knife and fork, or just crimp the crust and enjoy!

No Freezer, No Fryer, No Stove and No Electric or Gas Oven
Nothing is fried or frozen and everything is prepared and cooked fresh for you. This means we have no use for a freezer, which guarantees you get the freshest, tastiest meal we can bring to your table.

Open Kitchen
One of the first things you will notice is that all of our food is prepared and cooked in front of you. You can even sit at the wrap-around bar as we prepare your entire meal and welcome you into our Italian kitchen!

We primarily use Oak, but anything that can burn at an extreme heat without smoking is ideal. Sometimes fruit or nut can be substituted.


Berkel Slicer
This 50 year-old, hand-crank meat slicer is specifically designed to control the speed of the extremely sharp blade, assuring that we won’t burn the fat or tear our delicate, imported meats.

History & Information

What Is Testa?
For owner, Rod Schaefer, Pizzeria Testa is much more than the name of his restaurant. It’s a tribute to his family. Rod’s mother was born a Testa, and his beloved grandparents served at the helm of this large, traditional Italian family that gathered often around the kitchen table for delicious home-cooked meals and hearty conversation. Whether it was friends or relatives, the Testa house was always buzzing with life, full of people and food. It’s warm memories like these that provide the inspiration behind our name and serve as the model for everything we do.

As it turns out, the Testa family has a much bigger connection to pizza than Rod could have imagined. When the plans for Pizzeria Testa were first developing, there was only one place to do research – Naples, the birthplace of pizza. And it was here that the most unexpected “coincidence” was discovered.


Cibo del Popolo (The Food Of The People)
For the first several centuries after its creation, pizza was practically ignored by the upper class, looked down upon as the food of commoners. But all this started to change in the late 1700s. Though the Queen of Naples had recently banned the lowly pizza from the royal court, her husband, King Ferdinand I of Bourbon, made a regular habit of disguising himself while making secret excursions to indulge in the forbidden pizza made in the ovens of the master pizzaiolo, Antonio Testa. The King delighted in Testa’s creations so much that he pleaded with his wife to lift the ridiculous royal pizza prohibition.

Unfortunately, her mind was made up. However, the King’s son and successor, Ferdinand II, loved pizza so much that he hired Domenico Testa, the son of Antonio Testa, to build a royal pizza oven in the very same palace that his mother once lived in. It was then that Neapolitan pizza became known as il Cibo del Popolo, The Food of the People. Simple and economical, yet always prepared with the finest ingredients available, Pizzeria Testa carries on the tradition of bringing people together around great food in a place where everyone feels welcome – princes, paupers and pizza-lovers of all kinds.

The Bricks
All of our bricks are reclaimed, historic over 100 years old. The reclaimed bricks add a certain depth and warmth to the experience of Pizzeria Testa.

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Bella Vista Room
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Digestivo Glassware
This traditional glassware has been imported to allow you to finish your meal with one of the following Italian Liquors or drinks: Limoncello, Peachello, Raspicello, Nocello and Grappa.

Handcrafted Chairs and Tables
We wanted to design the perfect, most ergonomic and comfortable chair. We partnered with a local carpenter and designer through countless revisions so that every chair and table is a quality, hand-crafted product that any person will relax, enjoy and feel at home in.

FunFacts_sign The finished hand-painted sign during construction.

Hand-Painted Marquee Sign
The sign over our entrance was hand-painted by an artist who specializes in historic design.


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